Jonathan L. Wright

jonathan-wrightWith over 25 years of experience practicing law, Jonathan brings knowledge and wisdom to every case he handles. His experience is apparent in his dedication to even the most emotionally and factually complicated cases.  Jonathan has represented clients in numerous child custody and complex divorce cases including those involving sexual abuse, parental alienation, hidden assets, and large marital estates.

Jonathan began his career in Salt Lake City with Honda Corporation’s Western States Region Counsel (Campbell Maack & Sessions), but returned to St. George where he grew up.  Since that time, Jonathan has worked for both private firms and as City Attorney for the City of St. George. While Jonathan practiced a variety of types of law throughout his career, since 2008 he has been practicing exclusively in divorce and family law. Jonathan specifically chose to practice family law because he enjoys the challenge of difficult and complex trials and the opportunity to help people in need. Jonathan is known for his tenacity, experience, and willingness to take on difficult cases and to be assertive in representing his clients’ interests and issues.

Jonathan received his Associate of Arts Degree from Dixie College (valedictorian) in 1983; a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Utah in 1984; a Master of Arts Degree from the University of California, San Diego in 1987; and a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Utah College of Law in 1990.

Lorelei Naegle

lorelei-naegleLorelei has been providing divorce and family law clients with sound practical advice and legal wisdom since 2002.  Lorelei is passionate about helping her clients understand the legal process, weigh the pros and cons of decisions being made, and understand the potential outcome of their case. Lorelei’s training as a domestic law mediator gives her unique skills and perspective in the negotiation and settlement process.

As a new attorney, Lorelei represented clients in security fraud claims stemming from improper investments and she uses this experience to simplify and investigate financial issues and present these issues to the court in a concise and clear manner.  Lorelei has effectively represented numerous clients in complex trials and employs her love and knowledge of the law to assertively advocate on behalf of all her clients.

Lorelei began her career in Provo, Utah after graduating from BYU Law School.  In 2007, Lorelei was transferred to St. George and in 2009 she struck out on her own and owned and operated Naegle Law & Mediation until 2013, when she joined Jonathan Wright.




Lane Wood

Among Lane’s many skills and assets is the ability to manage a number of important and detailed tasks and cases at the same time. Lane’s keen eye for detail and superb writing ability make him an invaluable part of nearly every case that Wright Naegle handles. Lane has assisted with a wide variety of high conflict and complex family law cases. Lane’s intensive involvement in a wide variety of divorce and family law cases has given him experience in this arena well beyond many other attorneys who have been practicing much longer.

Lane joined Wright Naegle in April 2015 as an associate attorney. Lane attended law school and began his career in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although Lane began working with personal injury and criminal cases in Las Vegas, he quickly transitioned into divorce and family law. Lane helped create and grow a divorce and family practice at De Castroverde Law Group. Lane also served as a mediator for divorce and custody cases with the Clark County Nevada Family Court.