If you are going through a divorce or dealing with your ex about child support, visitation, or other issues, you have a thousand questions and emotions…

  • I want a divorce. What is the next step?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much is it going to cost?
  • My spouse keeps claims that he/she will “take everything” or “make me pay”.
  • My spouse threatens to take the kids away from you.
  • I want to know my rights.
  • I was served with legal papers and I don’t know what to do.
  • My spouse wants a divorce without using an attorney…how do I know I am not getting less than I am entitled.
  • My spouse has taken money from our accounts and is hiding assets.
  • My friends and family all tell me what I should do… I just don’t know who is right.
  • I just want out and I will give anything to just be done!
  • I’m worried I’ll have to pay too much child support.
  • How much child support will I get?
  • My spouse/ex handled the finances and I’m worried I will be left with nothing.
  • What is worth fighting over?
  • Who gets the house?
  • I need to protect my children.
  • My spouse is abusive and I need a way out.
  • My ex is making my life miserable with demands, unwanted texts, and phone calls.
  • I have an order but my ex does not follow it.
  • My ex isn’t paying child support.
  • My children’s mother/father is no longer in the picture. What do I need to do so that he/she can’t come back into their lives?
  • We have a child but we were never married. What now?
  • Alimony!?! Will I have to pay? Will I get any?



stgeorgedivorce1You will start your relationship with Wright Naegle with a free half hour consultation. During your consultation we will get a better idea of the specifics of your case to determine the likely work and time commitment involved.  You will get an idea of what we charge, how much will be required upfront, and what we estimate the total cost might be. Your initial fee will vary depending on the complexity and initial work involved. While it is impossible to predict how each case will go and exactly how long it will take, in your consultation you will get an idea of cost, time frames, and the next steps to move forward.  You will have your most pressing questions answered and know what the next step is.

While a consultation is not the same as you hiring us, it is our opportunity to find out if we are the right fit for your case. This is why we like to schedule an in-person initial consultation. You probably will want to meet us and get a sense of who we are and how we operate. We do offer phone consultation for clients who live too far away to come in to the office.

You Hire Us

If we decide to work together, you will sign a client agreement and arrange to make payment of your initial retainer or fee. Once you have given us both, we are ready to go and will get started right away.

Our Goals in Representing You

You should feel that you are listened to and that your case will be resolved in a way that is best for you and your situation.  We start with getting to know what your goals are and how you see your case being resolved.

Outcomes Explained 

We promise to explain the possible outcomes of your case and help you understand what could happen and what the best-case and worst-case scenarios are.  You will have the help you need to make decisions that impact your case and to weigh the emotional, financial, and relationship costs and benefits of important decisions.

Taking Over

Most importantly, we take over and represent you.  You are no longer alone in facing the confusion, threats, or uncertainty.  We will take over communication with the opposing attorney, and guide you on how and when to communicate with your ex.

gavKept Informed

We will let you know what information we need and discuss with you how we can get it.  If there is information we need that requires we involve experts, obtain an evaluation, or expend fees, we will discuss with you the costs involved and develop a strategy that is as cost effective as possible given your case and your goals.

Prepared for Court

We prepare for every hearing and will guide you too, so you will know what to expect. We have many years of experience appearing before the judges that will be assigned to your case.  That experience means you will get advice specific to your case and the judge assigned to your case.

Your Legal Issue Will Come to an End  

Whether by mediation, negotiation, hearings, or trial, we will bring your legal issue to an end and provide you the tools and advice to move forward with your life.